Identity Verification in Seconds Through a Single API

Our platform, GlobalGateway, helps businesses meet their AML and KYC compliance regulations. Our services allow you to verify 5 billion people within a single API.

  • Global Identity Verification
  • ID document verification
  • Real-time business verification
  • Automated AML watch list checks
  • Cross-border compliance

With customizable verification rulesets, products make it easy to complete:

“Trulioo enables automated identity verification at scale with effortless integration. After deploying Trulioo’s API, we have successfully expedited application processing time and eliminated the overhead of manual review process. We see faster response times and a greater number of applications being processed.”

Rajib Deysarkar, Technical Manager at IG Group

KYC Product Brochures

Our platform, GlobalGateway, is an online identity and business verification service developed for the international market to help satisfy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, risk mitigation and age verification needs.

Global Identity 


Identity Document Verification

Real-Time Business Verification

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